Следующий фэкшн фокус

Следующий Фэкшн Фокус по Варкрая – сегодня обсуждают традиционные 3 способа игры – Оупен, Нэррэтив и Матч плей

Сначала про террейн – будет отдельная колода террейна, где будет указано расположение. Набора из стартера должно хватить. Если ещё не было – поле 22″ на 30″

Для Опен плея дадут дополнительные правила на несколько игроков (больше двух) и ещё правила для объединения нескольких банд в одну команду

ВарКрай рассчитан на матчед плей. Для этого там созданы отдельные баттлпланы + в колодах условий победы и расстановки часть карт имеют симметричную руну, и только эти карты можно использовать в матчеде, чтобы условия были равны для обоих игроков. Плюс можно будет провести особый чемпионат, в котором бойцы между боями будут прокачиваться как в компании.

Ну и нарратив: выбираете банду, выбираете задание для неё и идете играть. Обещают прокачку, и прочие прелести.
Такие дела.

“Warcry: 3 Ways To Play

At all levels of play, Warcry is fast-paced, kinetic and highly balanced, with loads of options to serve any style of play you prefer. Today, were looking at how you set up, and how you can expand, the game with rules for open, matched and narrative play

Setting Up
However you play Warcry, getting set up is simple. Using a Ravaged Lands terrain set (like the Corpsewrack Mausoleum), or the Ruined City terrain from the Starter Set, youll be able to put together tactically balanced battlefields in moments. Just place your gaming board, draw a terrain card, and youre done. Warcry is designed to be played on a 22 by 30 board, making it easy to find space for youll be able to grab a game on your coffee table at home, on your lunch break at work, or anywhere else you fancy.

How the terrain is arranged, meanwhile, is determined by the card you draw.

Each card shows a battlefield designed by our team to provide a variety of tactical challenges, and there are loads

Open Play
Open play in Warcry is great for larger groups, with a host of extra multiplayer rules that allow you to team up with (or betray) your friends and clubmates in larger skirmish battles. Thanks to the system of alternating activations in the game, the pace of play is fast even with four players.

Looking for an epic struggle between multiple warbands organised into two teams? Coalition of Death is for you, designed to depict epic clashes between teams of players. This is a fantastic way to conclude a campaign or just get loads of models on the table for total carnage!

What about something a little more brutal? For that, youve got Triumph & Treachery a deliciously chaotic multiplayer game mode where its every warband for themselves! To secure victory here, youll not only have to slay your foes youll have to use your cunning to avoid your mates ganging up on you. Our advice? Only strike when victory is assured. Handing out tea and biscuits also helps to lull your enemies into a false sense of security

Each Warcry board is double-sided, meaning they scale up to make bigger battlefields when combined with each other. Take the board from the Corpsewrack Mausoleum set flip it over, and youve got a blasted waste to match the one from the Warcry Starter Set.

Matched Play
Warcry makes for a superb tournament game, offering fast-paced, tightly balanced bouts where your tactical skill is key. The Warcry Core Book contains guidelines for making sure each game is as even as possible, as well as suggestions for running tournaments. This makes organising an event at your store or club simple.

Warcry Battleplans are generated using battleplan cards, offering millions of potential combinations. Some victory and deployment cards have the Symmetrical runemark, meaning they affect both Warbands equally when youre having a matched play game, you simply remove victory and deployment cards without this runemark to ensure both Warbands get off to a fair start. A set of Pitched Battle battleplans are also aimed at providing a tightly balanced tournament experience.

Of course, one of the most satisfying aspects of Warcry is watching your warband grow and evolve over a series of games. For that, youve got Escalation Tournaments an alternative event structure where your fighters develop between games as they would in a campaign. Speaking of which

Narrative Play
Warcry has a fantastic narrative system designed around an innovative set of mechanics that allow you to experience your own, personal journey into the heart of Chaos. After mustering your warband, youll choose a campaign quest from a set of bespoke stories tailored to each faction. A Spy in the House Of Talons, for instance, sees the Cypher Lords attempt to infiltrate Carngrad, one of the Bloodwind Spoils largest cities, while in Seekers of the Chalice, the deranged Flesh-eater Courts set out on what they think is a holy mission. Each campaign quest has its own unique rewards, offering you powerful artefacts to equip to your fighters to reward you for your efforts.

When youre playing narrative games, everyone you play will be embarking on their own journey, meaning your gaming group will play host to a series of rich, interlocking narratives. As you play, your fighters will grow in strength and reputation or die as the result of devastating injuries. Meanwhile, special campaign battles known as convergences offer distinct tactical challenges and give other players the chance to take a starring role in your story.

After youve completed your campaign quest, you can choose to rest on your laurels for a bit or set off on a new one in search of more rewards for your fighters.

Meanwhile, an in-depth collection of name generators and warband background tables let you roll up epic stories for your warband in moments, Even if youre not an experienced storyteller, youll find it easy to get stuck in with the rich world of narrative play.

In short, no matter how you like to play Warhammer, theres something in Warcry for you! Well have more previews of this new game of skirmish combat soon. Check back regularly for more previews, and learn more about the game with the Warcry Preview Index.”


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